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Welcome to our site! We hope that looking at our site will further your interest in our club and the automobile-- new and old.

Our club is located in Western Pennsylvania, but is not restricted to this area alone. We have a show every year in our little town of Reynoldsville. It is held on the second Sunday in September, right on Main Street. (Which happens to be Route 322!)

We used to judge the cars, but then we realized that some of the judges did not like doing so because of friends that come to show their cars and they did not want to be partial to one person or another. So we got rid of that aspect of the show. This year we will give four special awards...which we are not announcing until the day of the show.

Our shows are a lot of fun, we have raffles and there is a D.J. there all day long, to play whatever you request...He even does a few trivia games.

Bring your family and come to Reynoldsville, admission is free!

This year's show is being held on Saturday, September 13, 1998. The times are from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Registration (which is $8.00 pre and $10.00 day-of-show)ends at 1:00 pm.

For more information, or an application, email us using the email link at the bottom or use this address here.

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